Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines for cleaning wafers after cutting.


Ultratech, spol. s r.o. is producer of ultrasonic cleaning tanks and lines for final cleaning wafers after wire saw cutting processes. During last

several years our cleaning lines were manufactured, delivered and put into operation at our customers’ plants in e.g. Ukraine, Spain, Russia,

Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Kyrgyz Republic...

The machines have modular construction which allows us to set the machines as “tailor made” under customers’ requests.


Main technical parameters of standard cleaning tanks for final cleaning wafers after cutting processes:

- Inner tank dimensions: 660 x 400 x 390 (L x W x H) mm (Possible tank size under customers’ request.)

- Tank volume: 70 or 95 l

- Acoustic power: 25W/l


*      Ultrasonic cleaners for final cleaning silicon wafers after cutting:

*       Manually operated cleaners:

They are suitable mainly for producers with lower production capacity.

                Production range is from one bath cleaners up to line with several US cleaning and rinsing baths under customers’ request.

                Possible accessories:

- Baskets

- The Hot air dryer S 105

- Waggling mechanism – for making waggling movement with baskets under liquid level during cleaning cycle due to ensuring

exposition of whole wafers surface by US waves and better washing away impurities



                   Various manually operated cleaning tank and lines.


*      Automatically operated cleaners:

They are suitable for mass producers. Transport of baskets with wafers between tanks is full automatic while loading and unloading baskets

out of the line remains manual. The lines have modular construction which allows us to add or take away modules under customers’

requirement. Cleaning power: 1500 wafers / hour when cleaning cycle take 6 min.



Automatically operated cleaning lines, type UC 14M 95A.


Possible accessories:

- Baskets

- The Hot air dryer S 201

- System for automatic working liquids replacement

- Storage tank for hot DI water preparation MZH 001


  • Baskets:

The automatic cleaning lines are designed to clean wafers positioned into special stainless steel baskets. One basket serves for positioning

of 6 pcs of standard plastic cassettes for wafers. One plastic cassette is for 25 pcs of wafers. It means one basket is determined for

max. 150 pcs of wafers. Various shapes and sizes are delivered (Baskets under customers’ requirement are possible too).




  • The Hot air dryer, S 201:

The Hot air dryer S 201 is determined for built-in into automatic cleaning lines and serves for drying wafers at set cycle time.




  • System for automatic working liquids replacement:

The system serves for automatic draining used liquids from before chosen tank and for automatic filling the tanks by hot DI water.

Cleaning agents are added into the tank manually. The whole replacement is executed during next cleaning cycle standing it means

the cleaning line can work continuously without stop due working liquid replacement.




  • Storage tank for hot DI water preparation, MZH 001:

The equipment MZH 001 is designated to prepare required volume of hot DI water for automatic replacement of working liquids

into automatic US cleaning lines for cleaning wafers after cutting processes. The device mainly consists of one storage tank for

DI water equipped by electric heating system with temperature control by means of thermostat, one pump for pumping (mixing)

DI water inside the tank and a switchboard.



Except of the US cleaners for final cleaning wafers after cutting processes our company produce some additional machines with application

in wafers production area:


*      Spraying machines PC for precleaning wafers after cutting processes:

Immediately after wafers are cut their surface is heavily contaminated by residual slurry layers which are usually consist of cutting medium

(usually oil or polyethyleneglycol), Si dust, SiC abrasive….. For removing of the big quantity of the impurities it means for preliminary

cleaning is the best using of spraying cleaning method mainly if the cutting medium is glycol or combination spraying and immersion

cleaning methods. Type PC 1M 200A serves for ungluing wafers by their immersion into acetic acid too.


PC 1M 130                                                              PC 1M 200A  


*      Ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning the silicon scrap (raw material):

Ultrasonic cleaner, type UC 4M 50M is determined to clean the silicon scrap (raw material) from impurities by means of ultrasonic

energy. The cleaning process is under DI water or DI water solutions (with cleaning agent added). The ultrasonic cleaning line consists

of two ultrasonic tanks, two rinsing tanks, an automatic vertical transport system for automatic vertical movements,

DI water regeneration station of switchboard. The cleaning line is designated for cleaning the raw material only

with special stainless steel baskets.


UC 4M 50M                                         Basket with scrap


*      Hot air dryers:

The dryers are designed for drying wafers after cleaning. Two variant are produced by us:

- Independently standing machines – type S 105, which are determined mainly for manually operated US cleaning lines.

- Built-in dryers – type S 201, which are determined for automatically operated US cleaning lines.

The dryers are determined for drying one basket with wafers it means 150 pcs of wafers / 1 drying cycle.


S 105                                                       S 201


*      Mixers:

The mixers types H serve for cutting slurry preparation. Our firm produce mixers with tank volume 400, 500 a 2000l or under customers

requirements. The mixers can be equipped by various equipments usually under customers requirements – e.g. pump, timer...


                    H 400                                                   H 500


*      Spool cutting machines:

The Spool cutting machines RD 001 are designed for cutting used wire for spools of cutting machines for wire saw cutting.

Cutting power is c. 18 spools / 8 hours.


RD 001


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